Finlandia Foundation National
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
The most important private source of support for Finnish culture in the United States.


Information about applying for Grants

Finlandia Foundation National encourages projects related to Finnish and Finnish-American culture, including contemporary culture, in Finland and  the U.S. that are characterized by many of the following:

  • Receives favorable attention and has a high profile and visibility
  • May be experienced by many people
  • Appeals to all Americans, not only ethnic Finns
  • Involves worthy activity for children and young adults to encourage interest in Finnish and Finnish-American culture by future generations
  • Has multiplier or leverage qualities
  • Can be replicated or become a permanent addition to the cultural life of a community
  • Is well planned and implemented by individuals or groups
  • Includes an accurate and balanced budget (required)
In-kind contributions are a valid part of the budget.
Volunteer involvement is valued and receives consideration when evaluating the application.
  • Be very clear about the start date of the project for which funding is requested.
    Be very clear about the date which the funding is required.
  • Explain the project's relationship to Finnish and Finnish-American culture.
  • If applicable, include a marketing plan for a project that involves sales of items or event tickets

Finlandia Foundation National awards approximately $70,000 in grant monies per year; the maximum award is $5,000 per grant.

Recipients may be Finlandia Foundation chapters, other Finnish-American organizations, and accomplished individuals to help fund important not-for-profit cultural projects of local or national significance. Examples of past support include theatre and opera performances, ballet, lectures, concerts, art exhibits, monuments, FinnFest USA, and Salolampi Language Village.

In order to be considered by the Foundation, a project must benefit both the sponsoring group and the general public. Projects supported by documented evidence or testimony of high cultural, educational, artistic or scientific merit are most likely to win awards. Special consideration is given to applications recommended by Finlandia Foundation Chapters or a Foundation Trustee with first-hand knowledge of them. The Foundation will not fund salaries to project staff, employees, or commercial enterprises.

Finlandia Foundation chapters requiring funding for up-front expenses for a major cultural program or event may also apply for "seed money." This type of grant is refundable later in full or in part from the net income of the event, if any.

The postmark deadline for completed applications and required budget information is February 1 annually.

The Grants Coordinator corresponds with applicants and keeps a record of all proposals and their status. Applicants will be notified after the spring annual meeting, and checks will be mailed by May 15. Award letters and checks are forwarded directly to the applicant. Each individual grant recipient or Chapter is requested to submit a progress report by November 30. This report should include a final income and expense statement as well as copies of any press or other public acknowledgments of the Foundation's support for the project.


If you feel that your project would be a good candidate for a Finlandia Foundation Grant program, please apply through the through the downloadable grant application.