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Friday, April 18, 2014
The most important private source of support for Finnish culture in the United States.

About POY, Guidelines & Agreement

Finlandia Foundation® National (FFN) is the most important private source of support for Finnish and Finnish-American culture in the United States. Founded in 1953, it currently has 45 chapters throughout the United States. It is the country’s oldest and most well-endowed foundation administering grants and scholarships for the express purpose of celebrating, supporting and strengthening Finnish heritage and Finnish-American culture and traditions.
The Finlandia Foundation National Performer of the Year Program

The Performer of the Year (POY) Program has become one of the most popular and successful vehicles for the Foundation's ongoing support of Finnish and Finnish-American culture in the U.S. The program was first implemented in 1996 in order to bring the undiscovered talents of performers, who promote Finnish and Finnish-American culture to wider audiences than usual. Most of those selected to date have been singers or musicians. Often the performers not only give concerts but teach as well.  

         The Finlandia Foundation National (FFN) funding for the Performer of the Year (POY) Program is a travel grant for $7,000 that covers POY performances at a minimum of six FFN chapter events around the country during the 12 months from September 1 through August 31.  


Following are the guidelines to be considered in the POY selection process.

  1. Performer, who promotes Finnish and/or Finnish-American culture and resides   in the United States
  2. Talent
  3. Versatility
  4. Appeal to a variety of age groups
  5. Availability to travel
  6. Fulfillment of performances at a minimum of six (6) FFN chapter events
  7. Acceptance of the FFN/POY Guidelines
  8. Nominations made by Chapters of Finlandia Foundation, other Finnish-American Organizations or Trustees of Finlandia Foundation National.
  9. Complete nomination packages sent to the FFN office by the Application Deadline as shown in the POY Guidelines at
  10. Recommendation to teach or offer workshops whenever applicable.
  11. POY candidate may serve as POY only one time.  If the candidate is not selected, he or she may resend the applications and may be considered in the future nominations.



The POY 2014-2015 is officially announced in the FFN and its chapter newsletters as well as in the Finnish-American media.  The Press Releases are also sent to chapter presidents and their local media.


POY Term

The 2014-2015 POY term begins September 1, 2014 and runs through August 31, 2015.


Payment Agreement

The POY's travel expenses to performances within the United States are covered by the FFN travel grant of a firm $7,000. The first installment of $3,500 will be paid in the beginning of September 2014 after the approved and signed agreement has been returned to the FFN POY Program Coordinator.  The second installment of $3,500 will be paid upon approved accounting of the spent funds accompanied by plans for the remaining POY travel.  POY is encouraged to prepare a budget in order to honor the performance requests accepted earlier for the performances scheduled for the end of the term.



POY performance requirements include a minimum of six (6) chapter events in the United States during the POY term. Since FFN has 45 chapters around the country, several more performance requests from the chapters have been lately received.


Performance Arrangements

Each host organization handles local arrangements, local transportation and accommodations at their cost and pays the POY the suggested, announced honorarium.


Teaching and Workshops

FFN encourages the POY to offer workshops where applicable.


Performance Honorarium

POY nominee suggests a performance fee that will be announced to the chapters. The fee will be paid directly to the POY by the organizer of the POY event.



Every effort should be made to attract audiences beyond the Finnish-American community.  

FFN will prepare a POY introductory pamphlet, where a program sheet may be inserted. 
       The pamphlet is downloadable from the FFN website and available to the hosts for their advertising.

At every performance, the POY is expected to promote Finlandia Foundation National as the sponsor of the POY program.


Travel arrangements

FFN encourages the POY to make an effort to accommodate more than one performance within reasonable travel distances by contacting other chapters in the region. The chapters with their contact information are listed on the FFN website:

POY is requested to plan and budget the POY travel by using the most economical flight or other travel arrangements available.



Complete financial report of the use of the full amount of the grant is required by October 1, 2015. After the FFN approved accounting, the possible unused and undocumented balance of the grant is to be returned back to the treasurer of the Finlandia Foundation National.



The performance arrangements are made directly between the event organizers and the POY. The POY is requested to keep the POY Program Coordinator informed about the schedules. In case of problems or conflicts, the POY Program Coordinator may be called upon for advice.


Click below for the POY Application & Contract 


POY Application & Contract



Questions and information 

should be directed to: 


Finlandia Foundation National

Attention: Satu Mikkola, POY Coordinator


Tel. (360) 697-2688, Mobile (360) 607-3343.



I accept the above Guidelines:


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Click Here for the POY Application & Contract